Who is Social Buffalo?

Social Buffalo is a veteran family owned and operated social media service company located in Western New York.  We think of our clients businesses as our own businesses and treat them as such by posting custom branded content as well as engaging relevant content on a regular basis to get your business more fans, followers, and customers.  We operate from our hometown in Akron, NY.

Do you offer your services for companies outside the Western New York area?  

As of now, the only service for companies outside the Western New York area is the "U" Can Do It Plan.  This plan allows you to use our software to easily manage your social media platforms.  It is easy to learn and includes 24/7 email support as well as online tutorials that easily explain all the features available.  This software saves time and makes managing social media easy.  This plan is also great for IT personnel looking for social media solutions for their company.

What types of businesses use Social Buffalo?

Our clients are businesses that know they need an active social media presence, but do not have the time, personnel, or knowledge to accomplish this on their own. 

Locally owned craft stores, mom & pop stores, and local restaurants can use Social Buffalo's proprietary software for online ordering of their products.  They can have their own store without needing a website.

Dentists, Independent Insurance Agents, CPA's, Lawyers, Real Estate Professionals, and any other business that needs help with their social media presence should contact us.

Please understand that we only accept a limited number of clients.  We know we provide a superior social media service in the Western New York area (trust us - we have researched competition and there's no comparison).  

Our mission is your success in the social media world.  The reason why we limit our client base is so we can provide the attention needed to service those clients.  We could simply add employees to help, but that would be all about the dollar and not about the pride we have taking care of our clients.

What type of social media accounts do you post to?

We post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, google+, and LinkedIn and monitor your reputation on those sites as well as Yelp and Foursquare.  We realize not every business needs every platform out there.  We create custom social media strategies based on our customers' goals.  We create custom posts that come from your brand as well as share relevant and engaging content with a focus on Western New York.

With Social Buffalo managing my social media, am I still able to post my own content?

Of Course!  After all, it is your business!  Not only can you still post to any social media platform, you will still reply to comments left by fans, followers, and customers.  Our software alerts you through your email address when you have recieved comments or feedback through Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google Business, etc.  Even more, you have the ability to see what we are posting before it happens, just in case you'd like to make a change.  You have full access to everything we post and the ability to override ride it on your own, without having to contact us first.  This comes in handy if an event or special is cancelled or changed and you need to change it on the fly.  You can login through any website and on your mobile device.

When do you start posting to my social media sites?

This depends on what is required to implement your social media strategy.  Generally it could be two weeks to one month for most businesses.  It takes time to develop your brand and ensure your social media profiles are set up to best represent your company.  We do it right, we are not about using smoke and mirrors to wow our clients on how fast we are.  We do request that our clients fill out a comprehensive worksheet so that we truly understand your business and make posts accordingly.  Our aim is to give you a consistent look for your brand on the social media platforms you want to utilize.

How often do you post to my businesses' social media?

This depends on your business type.  The main strategy with social media is utlizing it for the customer service aspect it provides.  With our ability to monitor reviews across multiple platforms, you are able to reply to customer inquiries quickly - which is the key to getting more fans, followers, and customers.  Think about when you use social media when you are planning on purchasing something.  You look for reviews, responses to customers, and deals.  Social Buffalo uses a strategy that will have your customers continue to follow your page and share your posts by providing information that is beneficial to them.  


How does billing work?

Social Buffalo charges a setup fee when you sign up and this includes the first months posting and then you are automatically billed each month after that.  No contracts (unless part of a special offer) and cancel anytime.  Social Buffalo bills for the work we've done, not the work we are about to.  After cancellation you could be billed one more time. (first month is from the first day we post, not when you sign up.  If you sign up on September 6 but our setup takes 2 weeks and we post for you on the 20th, then you will be automatically billed on the 20th of each month).  We accept credit cards for convenience, but we also accept payments by mail.


Thank you for taking the time to read our FAQs.  I am certain you have more questions, feel free to ask through our email at info@socialbuffalo.net.